Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

It's not the things that happen in your life that define you, that create your identity. It's how you talk about those things. That’s the theme behind this podcast. Research shows that the stories you tell have a major influence in how you see yourself and in how others perceive you, so it’s important to be intentional about which stories you share and how you share them. Guests on the podcast share the pivotal moments in their lives and careers, offering keen insights and “ah ha” moments to listeners, while triggering related memories of listeners, opening up opportunities to uncover their own patterns and discover better ways to share their stories. During this podcast, I’m asking you to listen to consider your related stories, and to listen to consider which stories in your life might have impacted you in a similar way. Sarah works with executives who know that story sharing makes them more compelling as speakers and leaders, and who want to improve how they connect with audiences, by uncovering the right stories and learning how to share them effectively so they can clearly and actively demonstrate their character, values, and vision.
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