Biden’s First 100 Days with Tamara Fucile


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20m · April 29, 2021

Biden’s First 100 Days with Tamara Fucile

Last night, President Biden delivered his first speech to a joint session of Congress highlighting his priorities just days before his 100th day in office. After passing a historic COVID relief bill and announcing massive spending plans, Biden has made his plans to invest in the country clear. This week, Emily is sitting down with Tamara Fucile to dive into the budget and economic implications of the actions Biden has made so far. Tamara was previously the Executive Director for the Center on Budget and is now the Executive Director for the Joint Economic Committee Democrats. Your Political Playlist connects you with diverse and unfiltered conversations with inspiring women who are making waves in politics. Host, Emily Tisch Sussman brings her decades of experience at the progressive forefront to her thoughtful conversations with women at the seat of power and activism. Every week, Emily sits down to talk about new policy ideas and what women want to see from the Biden-Harris administration. Building on the activism from previous seasons Emily is continuing to bring changemakers to the table to show listeners how they can have an impact in politics. Be a part of the conversation by following us on Instagram @YourPoliticalPlaylist.


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