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#090 - Touring Texas | Elsewhere in Music Podcasts | Venues Still Waiting for Relief


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1h 13m · April 29, 2021

#090 - Touring Texas | Elsewhere in Music Podcasts | Venues Still Waiting for Relief

We’ll be live on Facebook next Monday, 5/3/21 at 9:30pm EST. Join us at Greg has just returned from a four show tour in Texas with the Red Not Chili Peppers & reports back on the trip. The crowds were wonderful & generous in their appreciation for the live music (except for this one guy in Dallas) & Greg shares all sorts of fun stories. Also, we highly recommend everyone get vaccinated!Song: Khruangbin - “Mr. White”Jay has a slew of music podcasts he’s been really enjoying lately and shares them with us today. The Blues Kitchen is a Spotify exclusive podcast about blues & rock from the past 80 years. features fantastic musician interviews by Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell & Bruce Headlam. Jay describes as “Hardcore History” for Country Music. The project is the brainchild of Tyler Mahan Coe and, in each episode, he takes an extremely deep dive into a Country music artist or song or album.Song: The Felice Brothers - “Inferno”Nick was infuriated by a recent article about the Small Business Administration’s announcement that they’ve relaunched a portal to allow independent venues to apply for relief…a mere 13 months after closing their doors due to COVID restrictions. Rather than complain about the delay, the guys discuss how much they think the federal government should be helping musicians & whether bailing out small businesses is the right use of money….it’s quite contentious but hopefully enjoyable :-)Song: Kurt Vile - “One Trick Ponies”


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