Episode 152: Equalising Breath

8m · September 18, 2021

Episode 152: Equalising Breath

Pranayama to bring stabilities, strength and balance.  We will work to find balance through the inhale and exhale.  It is extremely important that your breath remains comfortable at all times. Your breath is directly connected to the nervous system so being gentle and progressing over time is definitely advised. I hope you enjoy this balancing breath that will nourish you and calm you.  - - - - - - - - -WEEKLY LIVE YOGA CLASSESSharing a 30 minute HATHA YOGA class every SATURDAY at 11:00am. Sessions are suitable for all abilities.- - - - - - - - -Join My Online Yoga Membership. Online Yoga through CONSCIOUS BREATHING. - Live online Yoga classes that aim to be empowering, strengthening and help support and nourish you Mentally, Emotionally and physically.- - - - - - - - -CHAKRA YOGA SERIES:First Energy Center: Energy Center: Energy Center: Energy Center: Energy Center: Membership Class OnlySixth Energy Center: Membership Class OnlySeventh Energy Center: Membership Class Only- - - - - - - - -FREE YOGA NIDRA: Rest and Restore your body and mind. - - - - - - - -I would love to hear from you, lets stay in contact.Join my membership for FULL length - - - - - - - - -FAVOURITESMy Shop: Toe Sox - Yoga Mat: Blog: Beginners Guide - poetry Book - Grow From The Inside' - - - - - - - - - -I recommend that you seek medical advice before attempting any of my Online Yoga classes Together online live classes because some sessions may not be suitable for your body. It’s, therefore, important not to attempt any form of yoga without first consulting your doctor. You take full responsibility for yourself and anything you may do within the session or later during practice. You must be mindful and careful about your body so that you know when a position or movement may be unsuitable for you. I recommend that you do some research before attempting any of the postures.Please take your doctor’s advice to confirm that you are healthy and well enough to do the yoga postures and movements demonstrated in this video before attempting anything shown in this video. The same goes for all other content provided by me, including my pre-recorded yoga videos and my live classes. By relying on this video or any content provided by Katya or Lotus Flower Yoga, you agree that you take full responsibility for your body and any consequences including injury that you may sustain as a result. This session should only be attempted after your doctor has assessed you. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Your doctor will advise you about which exercise you can or cannot do. I take no responsibility for your practice and any consequences.I hope you found this video helpful. Please hit “Like” if you liked the video and want more such videos.Note: This description may contain affiliate links to products that we use personally. If you click on these links, this channel may earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.Thank you! Your support is highly appreciated.


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