Alex Harz

World Improv Network (WIN) Improvised Comedy Radio Show

Take part in the World Improv Network (WIN) Improvised Comedy Radio Show "Live" every Sunday from 7:58-9pm MT on Mile High Sports Radio (KDCO DENVER - FM104.7 and AM1340 / or via 'Periscope' / 'FaceBook Live' @ World Improv Network, and hear the comedy you help create play-out live in 140+ countries around the world! ... Become a WIN Contributor or "WINner" by posting "Your Suggestions or Questions" for any of the 4 WIN Show Segments on FaceBook, on Twitter (@ WorldImprovNet) or by calling directly into the 'AUDI Studio Line' @ 303-831-1340, and be a part of this truly unique interactive improv comedy radio show & live videostreaming experience as the WIN Cast act-out "Your Suggestions" or answer "Your Questions", right then and there, live on the air :) ... Suggestions for the 4 WIN Show Segments are ... 1) WIN World Local News = "What News Stories Do You Want Reported?" ... 2) Community Court = "Who's Suing Who? / What's The Case About?" ... 3) Talking Points w Shabazz Davis = "What Topic Should Shabazz Dig Deep Into?" ... 4) Good, Bad, Ugly = "What Everyday Problems or Weekly Dilemmas Do You Need Advice Or Answers To?" ... 4b) Horoscope Corner = "What Color, Noun Or Mood Are You Feeling?" ... If you miss any of the live broadcast, the WIN Show can be played-back in its entirety via the WIN Weekly Podcast Rewind on ITunes, Google Play, etc. @ World Improv Network or any of the 4 WIN Show Segments can be heard individually @ the World Improv Network YouTube Channel ( or on the Mile High Sports Radio Soundcloud Page ( ... Become a "WINner" in this one-of-a-kind worldwide Improv Comedy Experience!