Ep 39. Have you really acknowledged everything you have achieved this year?

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Ep 39. Have you really acknowledged everything you have achieved this year?

Isn't it strange that when someone we know achieves something we acknowledge their achievement and congratulate them! However, when we are successful, it can just pass us by and we do not even acknowledge our achievement.

Welcome to episode 39

On this podcast we discuss how we have missed some of our major achievements this year.  Kerry was shocked on how much she was not aware of her successes in 2021.  Even though Ali has a page in her journal for her achievements, she still missed some of her smaller achievements, which she had forgotten about. 

It is amazing that so many women do not realise how successful they have have been. Therefore, finish this year by acknowledging what you have achieved and boost your self-worth and confidence ready to go into 2022.

We will be back in January with our next podcast.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and very happy and healthy New Year!

With you in mind

Kerry & Ali

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