Ep. 38. Christmas is a month away! How organised are you?

17m · November 25, 2021

Ep. 38. Christmas is a month away! How organised are you?

Oh my goodness Christmas is only one month away! Are you starting to get organised? Maybe you are starting to panic? Do you end up doing it all? Welcome to episode 38 On this podcast we discuss how organised we are now it is only a month until Christmas Day.  Kerry has a great app that helps buy presents for the family, it's fun and cuts down a lot of expensive family presents.  Ali has a card secret that is a tradition in her home, and it helps the environment too!   Whether you have to do it all or don't have much to do in the run up to Christmas, it can feel stressful. Now is a great time to start to get organised, then you have the energy and time to really enjoy the run up to Christmas and the big day itself!  With you in mind Kerry & Ali Follow us on instagram Join us on YouTube     Disclaimer: Information in this video is for informational purposes only. Always consult a healthcare or other professional before taking any actions discussed or implied in the video or purchasing and/or using any products discussed.


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