43. MAGIC: Bone-Pointing


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17m · June 15, 2021

43. MAGIC: Bone-Pointing

In Australia, some aboriginal tribes employ a fail-proof, magical method of death known as Bone-Pointing to punish those they deem responsible for murder. In today’s sidepiece, we’re talking about the idea that you can die just because you believe you’re going to die, guys. “Death by Suggestion” is an actual thing. Sources: Death by Suggestion. Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, Volume: 14 issue: 1, page(s): 81-82 Issue published: February 1, 1969 Support our sponsors! Anchor: Thinking about starting your own podcast? Download the Anchor app or go to Anchor.fm to find everything you need, for free, all in one place. Check out @witchesmagicmurdermystery on Instagram! Email your personal or local stories related to witches, magic, murder, or mystery to [email protected] Get to know us better: Kara: @atoakandmain Megan: @megan_whitmer or www.meganwhitmer.com Theme music: Chloe’s Lullaby by Robert Austin. Available on Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Patreon!


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