Paul Lawrence Vann

Wealth Academy Podcast - Wealth Is More Than Just Money

The Wealth Academy Podcast host asks listeners, "Who doesn't want to be wealthy or at least financially secure. We agree with listeners that money is essential to being able to take care of one's needs and wants however there are more important aspects of life that create and define wealth. Our mantra is 'Wealth Is More Than Just Money." The Wealth Academy Podcast delves into a multitude of elements that constitute wealth and host Paul Lawrence Vann will provide solo broadcast and invite guest experts such as coaches, speakers, authors, financial experts, relationship experts, and consultants to assist in listeners better understanding what true wealth consists of good health, love, good relationships, compassion, understanding, a healthy mind, body, and spirit. If one thinks all they need is money to be happy they will be sadly disappointed, subscribe, listen in, and discover what a wealthy life really consists of. Wealth Academy Podcast interviews guest experts, e-mail us at and or call us (800) 341-6719.