382. The Sosabowskis

382. The Sosabowskis

There are few stories more extraordinary than that of General Stanisław Sosabowski, commander of the Polish Parachute Brigade. After fighting fiercely against the German invaders of Poland he was captured, escaped and made his way to Britain. He later led his men at Market Garden and is perhaps most widely known for being played by Gene Hackman in A Bridge Too Far. His great grandson, Hal Sosabowski, tells the General’s story, and also that of the General’s son, who was instrumental in the fighting in Warsaw. A Goalhanger Films production Produced by Vasco Andrade & Rotimi Kolapo Exec Producer Tony Pastor Twitter: #WeHaveWays @WeHaveWaysPod Website: www.wehavewayspod.com Email: [email protected]  


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