Vital  One  +++  Vengance  +++

Curtis Sloane

Vital One +++ Vengance +++

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is vital one again looking for feedback for the new albums number one bloodline number to who am I number 3 stronghold number for vengeance and this is the ultimate thank you very much everyone that I'm showing my support for you all for giving me the fuel to my furnace and I like to thank you all for partaking and being my audience and I can guarantee you that you will be benefited majorly because that's how it should be the audience is always right and my next couple albums are going to be off the chain as well my style is going to be constantly getting better so I like to stay home with you jealous people keep getting jealous because it's only going to get more f****** crazier and honestly what is the most hardcore impact albums I've done I'd love it if you could guys show your support and your feedback and spread the word as far as wide as possible for these album for all the vitamins and minerals that you can muster vital one a straight up officially the boss. Just wait for the next album and I'm going to be launching a show soon it's going to be the vital one show of some sort and I like all your guys's feedback to give me some ideas of how I should articulate Lee Creed show create the show oh yeah send your love and support either email me or whatever holler at me anyway you can vital one and I'm out CEO Big Boss Incorporated


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