Vegan Pregnancy Podcast

Maya Bach

Vegan Pregnancy Podcast

Vegan prenatal dietitian, Maya Bach, is sharing her wisdom and redefining vegan pregnancy. Along with like-minded women and healthcare experts, The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast is empowering women & creating conversations about veganism, pregnancy, nutrition, and everything in between. When well-planned, you can have a healthy vegan pregnancy AND have a healthy vegan baby! Concerned about getting enough iron during your vegan pregnancy? Struggling to eat more protein while battling nausea? Maya answers your questions with evidence-based nutrition information to help you debunk vegan pregnancy myths, understand what your vegan baby needs & what to avoid, and how to navigate food aversions & cravings as a vegan mom-to-be. With simple swaps & practical solutions, Maya helps you learn to nourish your body during pregnancy, so you can feel confident growing a healthy baby without animal products. She is your vegan pregnancy nutrition resource! The goal of The Vegan Pregnancy Podcast is to help you find clarity, support, and confidence as you navigate your vegan pregnancy and grow a healthy vegan baby.


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