Professor Selena Bartlett, Neuroscientist and Group Leader Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Translational Research Institute, QUT


Opening up the conversation to brain health and fitness is empowering. The podcast brings the brain to life to help people empower themselves and their brain using neuroscience. Let's get to know how the brain works using brain science education and simple tools that can assist with calming and strengthening the brain are powerful ways for people to understand their capacity to be strong and resilient. Brain health has become everyone’s business. Professor Bartlett is a neuroscientist and has dedicated the last 25 years to studying the brain. The series of episodes was created to deliver practical tips that drive brain health and fitness. She is a Professor of Neuroscience at Queensland University of Technology and won the Lawrie Austin Award for Neuroscience from the Australian Neuroscience Society. The bottom line after searching for mental health solutions- neuroplasticity, brain imaging and digital technology are going to disrupt the mental health space and everyone will be talking about their brain health in the same way they think about their body with physical trainers and gyms. Please join us in the fun and biggest adventure of our lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks!


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