How To Have The Sex You Want

1h 19m · August 20, 2021

How To Have The Sex You Want

People can have many hang-ups when it comes to intimacy and sex. But you can have the sex you want, as long as you’re open and willing to explore with your partner. In this episode, we tackle sexual intimacy and the joy of connection as our hosts, Jason Wrobel & Whitney Lauritsen, sit down for a chat with Susan Bratton, a renowned intimacy expert. Susan discusses how intimacy, love and sexuality are linked and talks about technology’s impact on sex. We also get to learn some practical techniques to help further couple’s intimacy. A great episode for those looking to improve their sex lives or looking to regain the spark in their relationships. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the This Might Get Uncomfortable community today:wellevatr.comWellevatr FacebookWellevatr TwitterWellevatr Instagram


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