Camp Green Woods Part One

Camp Green Woods Part One

When Caleb arrives at Green Woods for summer camp, he misses his parents, is in a different unit from the only two people he knows, and barely passes his swim test. He doesn't like the food, the bugs, the heat, or the latrine. It seems to him like nothing can get worse until the heat goes up, the bugler plays swim call, and all two hundred campers are rushed to the lake for all camp swim. At least he managed to pass the swim test. At the lake, Caleb finds Matthew and Max making friends with everyone in their unit and feels like they don't want to spend time with him and gets even more disappointed. At dinner that day, Matthew explains that it was all a misunderstanding, he was looking for Caleb at all camp swim and didn't see that Caleb had found him. Matthew then proceeds to give his brother some tips for enjoying summer camp.

  • Thanks! I get a lot of comments on my accent, but I've never heard soothing before. Maybe it's just the story I'm telling.

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  • i love your accent very soothing

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    Second this!

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