The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna

Anna Khanna

The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna

The Socialista Podcast is for female business owners who know they want to scale up by building a stronger online presence whilst building confidence in your business. You're tired of not knowing how or what to post on social media. You know you have it in you to create a successful, profitable business, you just need to know what it takes to scale to the next level - you're excited and ready to learn what it takes to grow with confidence and ease to the next level of income. Hosted by Anna Khanna, founder of Socialista, inspiring tens of thousands of women in business to show up online and improve their marketing, you'll learn the essentials on how to use social media to fuel your growth. This is the show for you to feel more confident in your business and mindset as you grow to six figures and beyond. This podcast is the one to listen to if you're ready to scale.


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