Leaky Gut 101


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20m · July 22, 2021

Leaky Gut 101

Welcome back for another bite of Simplicity. My name is Jenn Pike, your host, registered holistic nutritionist, medical exercise specialist, the best-selling author of the Simplicity Project and the creator of the women's revolutionary health program, The Hormone Project. In this simplicity bite, I'm going to chat with you all about leaky gut 101: what it is, what the heck is going on, and some of the things that you can start to do or things that you can begin to be aware of and understand in your body that can make a big difference in your digestive system. Here are the main topics of this simplicity bite in order: What is leaky gut? Discomfort is not normal What can cause leaky gut? H pylori Irritants to your gut and body as a whole Nutrition and environment The Hormone Project Please do not hesitate to book in a call with one of our team via style="font-weight: 400;">  Links and resources mentioned in this episode are shared in the Online Work with Jenn section of these show notes. Hoping this episode supports you on the path of knowing, accepting, and loving who you truly are. Wishing more simplicity and ease in all that you do!  To book a discovery call via email or send us a question you have, send it to [email protected] and myself or a member of my wonderful team will reach out to you.  You can connect to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher by searching The Simplicity Sessions, or visiting Join our Free Facebook Group called Simplicity Sessions Community Online work with Jenn:  Register for my signature program and work with me 1:1 to support your health, hormones, and more via the following link www.jennpike.com/thehormoneproject. Sign up for The to learn how to tune your body to the lunar cycle and acquire a multidisciplinary approach to balance your body in less than 30 minutes a day!  Interested in registering for the upcoming Audacious Women program? Send us a message via our website at Learn more about Jenn’s work:  Jenn Pike   Ignite your Life with Jenn Pike The Hormone Project  The Simplicity Project Shop for books, DVDs, programs, and much more! Simplicity TV on Youtube Quotes:  “Leaky gut refers to an increased intestinal permeability, meaning that you have got a retaining wall around the stomach, and this is a barrier so that we are not allowing certain things to come in or other particles. So think like undigested food pathogens, bacteria viruses, to be able to pass out into our bloodstream, which is going to cause us inflammation and massive digests.” “So what happens with leaky gut is that over time, and this can be for a few different reasons that we'll talk about, these junctions start to break down. Your retaining wall starts to falter, starts to crack, starts to have seeps and openings. And now things that should not be getting in or moving out are, and this is what creates a response or reaction in your body. This is when you start to have food sensitivities and allergies and auto-immune responses and things that are characterized like IBS, hormone imbalances, different gut infections and more” “When you have some level of increased intestinal permeability, which is what leaky gut is referred to, there is a crack or multiple cracks, and now we're having things get in that are causing us those issues.” “Tons of people are walking around with something called H pylori. And if you have H pylori, which is a gut infection, this is a bacteria that specifically goes in and decreases the amount of hydrochloric acid that you can produce in your. It impacts your enzymatic ability, which all of this, what it means in English is it impacts your ability to digest and break down the food that you eat” “What you put on your body, what you use in your hair, your makeup, your nail polish, your household cleaners, your tampons, All of those things, they have a toll and the totality of bringing all those chemicals in is your body has to try to filter and manage that.”  Additional Information About Jenn: Jenn studied and graduated with honors in Human Anatomy and Physiology with such a passion that it propelled her to continue her education over many years. Jenn is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Instructor and Faculty of the Toronto Yoga Conference, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Expert, STOTT Pilates trained instructor, Twist Sport Conditioning Coach, Spin Instructor Crossfit Level 1 Coaching, among other certifications she got along the way. She is also a guest Holistic Expert for Breakfast Television, Global, CHCH, Rogers Tv and writes columns for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun magazine, Savvy Mom and contributes to Inside Fitness Magazine, The Toronto Star and Sun. She is also a proud educator and ambassador to Genuine Health, Nature’s Emporium, and Juice Plus. Jenn is a proud mama to two beautiful souls and her best teachers of life. She resides on Lake Simcoe in Keswick with her husband and two children.


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