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Why Write Rails View Tests with Nikola Đuza - RUBY 496


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57m · May 5, 2021

Why Write Rails View Tests with Nikola Đuza - RUBY 496

We test our Rails Controllers, Models, Helpers, and Services. But, why don't we test our views? Nikola Đuza has started testing his and explains how he does it and what he's learned about the process. He also explains what confidence it's added for him when writing his Rails code. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura  Luke Stutters Guest Nikola Đuza Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial  Links Why Write Rails View Tests Pragmatic Pineapple Twitter: Nikola Đuza ( @nikolalsvk ) GitHub: Nikola Đuza ( nikolalsvk ) Picks Charles- Get outside Charles- Go to a farm Charles- Go to nature Charles- Charles- Dev Influencers | Charles- She's in Tech | Dave-  Apple TV Dave- Parachute Toy Luke- Tonysa RJ45 Screw Terminal Adaptor, DVR Ethernet Connector  Luke- RFID & NFC Human Chip implants Nikola- iMac - Apple


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