Sarah the Sustainability Supremo

Sarah the Sustainability Supremo

On episode 5 of The Periodic Fable, Cameron & Hallam are joined by Sarah Davidson, who is the Group Sustainability Coordinator for Croda. Sarah discusses her journey into the world of chemistry, and takes a look back at her path from A-Level, to University and into her MSc. She then dives into the world of sustainability, not only in the industry, but also in her day to day life. In May, Sarah was named the Chemical Industries Association's Young Ambassador, and she tells us all about what she's got planned for the following 12 months. Later,  Cameron shares a true periodic fable looking into the world of the so-called father of modern chemistry Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, whilst delving into the world of his relatively unknown wife, Marrie-Anne, who left her own imprint into the world of chemistry. Hallam then shares with us the news in the world of chemistry, this week, talking about the IPCC climate change report, just recently published. 


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