The Nicole Romero Creative Podcast

Nicole Romero

The Nicole Romero Creative Podcast

Are you a soul-driven creative with a deep inner calling for something more in your life? Have you been feeling stuck or burnt out at your day job? Are you craving more fulfillment in your creative and daily life? Do you wish you were more aligned with your creative purpose? If any of this resonates with you, join me, Nicole Romero, as we journey into these topics and more to help empower you to step into your story and live a life filled with joy and meaning. I was once a theme park designer going through the motions of corporate life. Now I am an equine-guided transformational coach for creatives who are struggling in the same way I once did. My top priority is to help creatives like you give yourselves permission to be...well, yourself, and feel empowered in your creativity and gifts so you can shine your unique light on the world.


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