The More You Know Show

Jared Graham & Braxton Bourg

The More You Know Show

This podcast’s goal is to learn about each other as unique individuals, to love each other, and to learn to enjoy yourself, and others, no matter the differences. We are setting our sights on changing the collective consciousness of the human race to a empathetic, educated, forgiving, loving and peaceful society. We only work with one or two people at a time. We believe that if 2 hearts are changed/enlightened, the wave can reach every corner of the earth. We know nothing without speaking to you, first. We want to look, to listen, to live, and above all, learn to LOVE recklessly, endlessly, and unconditionally, despite any pre-conceived notions the world throws at us every day. Henceforth, we encourage our guests to share openly about their culture, background, etc. This lays the grounds to start the process of not letting that define us (divide us into races, weight classes, wealth, etc.) the more thoughts we share, the closer we get to knowing who we are as a whole. In order to start changing the world, we have to move as whole, not he, not she, not me, nor I. This podcast is in the first stage of ,what we dream, the world recognizing The More You Know Show as the pebble that started the tidal wave, or, one of the greatest moral and knowledgeable movements in history. This Podcast the first step in our attempt to make this world a little less evil, and a whole lot more loving. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to get on one of the episodes, we will gladly receive your emails here:


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