The Leader's Chair

Jeffrey Edwards

The Leader's Chair

Successful leaders don’t wait for the right time. Instead, they create the right time and take full advantage of opportunities.

Welcome to The Leader’s Chair podcast hosted by Jeffrey Edwards, speaker, entrepreneur, and Leadership Strategy Coach. If you’re new to leading people, an aspiring entrepreneur ready to launch, or an experienced executive building the next generation of future leaders, this podcast is for you.

Leader… Leadership…. We hear those words so many times, but what do they mean for you? The words often used to describe them include “disruptors,” “agitators,” or” visionaries.” The workplace of the 21st Century will require leaders who are resilient and creative in the face of change. They are self-aware, empathetic, and continuously improving themselves. They recognize and encourage the contributions of others and are emotionally intelligent.

When you look at where you are in your life or career today, are you where you want to be? Are you satisfied with mediocrity, or are you ready to take your place at the front of the line and lead others? We all have an opportunity to have our own leader’s chair if we choose to. It starts with identifying and harnessing your core talents, strengths, nuggets of experience, and knowledge to help others succeed.

Here on The Leader’s Chair podcast, Jeffrey Edwards will introduce you to grounded, practical, and real-life information, insights, resources, and people from his twenty-five years of experience in helping executives and business owners of small to mid-sized organizations. Each episode is to help you thrive in business and in life and to help you embrace the leader in you.


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