That Feeling We Get When We Share An Experience


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37m · July 22, 2021

That Feeling We Get When We Share An Experience

It's called "Collective Effervescence." No, [checks Google] it isn't a band from the 90s. Collective Effervescence occurs when a community comes together and simultaneously communicates the same thought and participates in the same action. It's when the entire crowd sings together at a concert and it's been a missing piece of our lives for quite some time. But it's more than concerts. Collective Effervescence exists at holiday traditions, birthday parties, all-hands staff meetings, dinner with friends, and almost every type of event that brings your group together. Do we get that in a virtual world? How will we react when we get back to the office as a team? Did we lose ground over the last 18+ months or have we discovered a new appreciation for our communities?


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