GitOps, Kubernetes, and Databases


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37m · April 27, 2021

GitOps, Kubernetes, and Databases

Git-whaaatttt? Amy Tom gets into GitOps and Kubernetes with Matt Ingenthron, Sr. Director of Engineering, Couchbase, and Viktor Farcic, Open-Source Program Manager & Developer Relations at Shipa. Amy, Matt, and Viktor break down what GitOps really means, how it influences your dev team, and how to use Kubernetes with GitOps practices. They also discuss using CI/CD to modify the Git repository that defines the operator.   In this episode, Amy talks to Matt and Victor about: The difference between GitOps and DevOps (05:37) How GitOps practices can improve your IT operations (07:54) Describing Kubernetes objects inside a repository (12:22) Using CI/CD to modify the Git repository that defines the operator (23:11)   Follow Matt Ingenthron + Viktor Farcic: Follow Matt on Twitter @ingenthr Follow Viktor on Twitter @vfarcic   Shownotes: Chat with Matt in the Couchbase Forum Learn more about Shipa


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