Kat Thorne - Are You Living At 100 Miles An Hour?

42m · November 26, 2021

Kat Thorne - Are You Living At 100 Miles An Hour?

Are you living 100 miles an hour? Do you have a work / life balance? Do you know you need to change certain things but not sure where to start?   Can you have it all? Can you have balance, success and a happy life? How do you do it? What’s the secret?   What do you need to be aware of when you focus on one specific area in your life?   Kat began her career in teaching, and quickly discovered a passion for educational technology. She has extensive experience managing international projects, gained through seven years working in a range of senior, global roles at a fast-paced educational technology company. She has led a range of teams in her role as UK Director, to entire international teams in her role as Global Commercial Manager.   Whilst she was incredibly successful in her career, she paid a heavy ‘life’ price. In 2016, her whole world collapsed. She had neglected the things that were really important; her relationship, health, family. She lost everything. As she rebuilt herself through therapy, meditation and lots and lots of personal development books, she set herself a new challenge. To have it all. A high-flying career and a happy life.   In the middle of her chaos, she was headhunted to join the Commonwealth Education Trust as Chief Executive Officer, where she reduced costs by over 80%, raised funds for the first time and launched its innovative, digital, continuous professional development programme, Teach2030, for teachers globally. She created a 5am morning routine, rock solid boundaries and exercised daily for the first time in her life.   As a success coach and consultant, she works with ambitious leaders and organisations around the world.   She teaches how to have it all; a successful career, and a happy life.   The result? Be on fire at work and home.   If you are still here, then you are clearly seeking more from your journey through life You already know you have greater potential and a much bigger calling & simply need to spend as much of your time around the right people – you know, those individuals that motivate, inspire, empower and challenge….   That is why this podcast was created. Come and join us   Top Biller – The Life of a Recruiter Book Links   PAPERBACK COPY    DIGITAL COPY 


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