What’s Ahead for My Business in 2022

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What’s Ahead for My Business in 2022

For the last few months, my personal motivation in business has been a bit lacking. I started asking myself the question I’ve asked myself 1000 times over the last 5 years – “is this what I really am supposed to be doing?” After attending a virtual conference, it hit me like a ton of bricks. There is nothing more motivating than clarity. Knowing exactly what you need to be doing, why it matters, and what milestones you need to hit.

As a follow-up to last week’s episode all about my year in review, today will be a deep dive into my priorities and some of my goals for the coming year. I’ll be reintroducing the goal-setting framework that I use for my Thrive Business Bootcamp coaching program to set up my top 3 priorities for 2022, which help define my goals and outcomes.

  • Priority 1: Put more money in my own pocket from my business
  • Priority 2: Build programs with a high level of accountability and support
  • Priority 3: Create a more robust content strategy


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