1h 14m · May 3, 2021

Michael Barlow | Fernish and the Future of Furniture

Michael Barlow is the co-founder and CEO of Fernish, a startup that offers consumers a way to rent upscale furniture and decor online. Prior to founding Fernish in 2017, Michael was a Vice President at Atom Tickets and an investment banker at J.P. Morgan. We talked about everything from Michael’s background, life as a college athlete, his takeaways from working on Wall Street, what he believes makes a great storyteller and how it translates to business, the early days and challenges of building Fernish, and the future he envisions for the company and beyond. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED > FOLLOW TFH ON INSTAGRAM > FOLLOW TFH ON TWITTER > INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SPONSOR? EMAIL US > [email protected]


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