116 - My Opinion on *that* Missguided Documentary

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116 - My Opinion on *that* Missguided Documentary

For anyone that missed the live I did a while back, I’m resharing the IGTV where I shared my opinion on that infamous Missguided documentary

Welcome to The Fashion Brand Clinic Podcast!

I’m currently on holiday in Mexico so I’m digging into the archives of my IGTV to share some of the most popular videos & I bet lots of you have never even seen!

So if you’ve not seen this documentary, it’s well worth a watch as you can see the inside workings of how a multi million pound business is run! I was so scared to share this because I didn’t want anyone think I’m some sort of advocate for the brand because I’m absolutely not! But I think there were some really interesting lessons we could take from it and apply to running a small business

I hope you enjoy it!


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