Dice City: About Time Episode 8

8m · September 20, 2021

Dice City: About Time Episode 8

While Bash and Zepp are chasing down leads in the field with the help of Alice, Janie heads down to records in the basement hoping to get an idea of what may have gotten Seanasy killed. She gets the help of Clunky, another one of precinct 44's oddball genuies's. You just gotta know how to talk to him.   The best way you can support us now is to spread the word to others. Please post, tweet, and chat about our podcast. Our team loves working on  audio drama's and we want to hear your opinions on our social media as well. Please contact us on:   Written By: Andrew C. Hyde. Edited By and The Voice of Mickey and Clunky: Joshua C. Myers. Narrated By: Justin R. M. de la Rosa. The Voice of Janie: Nakia Long   Twitter   Facebook   Instagram


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