The EdTechEnergy Podcast

Melanie Wiscount, Ed.D.

The EdTechEnergy Podcast

- Are your middle or high schoolers zoning out during online learning?   - Have you tried a bagful of tricks to engage them yet still haven't nailed online teaching? - Do you feel you invest more and more time in planning without seeing the results you seek? It's not you. This is hard! Welcome to The EdTechEnergy podcast. I, your host, Melanie Wiscount, am obsessed with getting all things EdTech, moving and grooving for teachers, by helping you with what keeps you up at night, stresses you out, and inspires you beyond it all to create the engagement that keeps students coming back for more. I'll say it all inside of 20 minutes, the average commute for U.S. teachers. Every week, check in to hear EdTech strategies, tips, better practices that work to save you time and give you back control of your classroom. Listen, learn, and launch educational technology strategies in your instruction, student learning, and assessment that will positively evolve your virtual, hybrid, hyflex, and physical classroom for both you and your students, and their parents. This podcast is specifically designed and created with educators who want to become more competent, confident, and comfortable using technology for higher-level results. Auditorily digest ways to put into motion educational best practices that meet and exceed your EdTech needs, wants, desires, and aspirations. Give fresh life and energy to your instruction and student learning. Tune in now to catch this week's EdTech strategy and remember to hit the Subscribe button so you get access to all my episodes as soon as they are posted. Stay connected outside the EdTechEnergy podcast platform by joining the EdTechEnergy Facebook Group or by following the EdTechEnergy Instagram and Twitter social media. Tech-energize your instruction and student learning with The EdTechEnergy Podcast and visit for more!


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