Fact or Fiction - the scourge of Fake News and how we are fighting back


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33m · May 5, 2021

Fact or Fiction - the scourge of Fake News and how we are fighting back

The power of disinformation is nothing new. We have seen history repeat itself. However, what has happened and continues to happen across the internet today, can be described as, terrifying. Are we at a tipping point? Depending on which camp you are in - the major platforms - no we are not, we have it under control, to - everyone else, yes, we as a society need to do something about it. As we have seen play out in front of our very eyes, governments have been toppled, political campaigns fought, some might say manipulated, on social media, not on the doorstep. How will this potential impact B2B? Is it already impacting B2B? What are your brand safety protocols to get ahead of the narrative to combat any negative messaging and/or opinion - and more importantly, why is it happening? Enter my next guest, Antony Cousins, CEO of Factamata "The Factmata API helps you understand any piece of online content. It scores content on nine signals, including Hate speech and Political bias, to give you a deep understanding of the quality, safety, and credibility of any piece of content on the web." I met Antony in a previous life when I was advising another AI / NLP start-up, but enough about me. Antony claims he is not a spook, his career would suggest otherwise he started out in IT (or so he says) and then was the Press Officer for the UK Ministry of Defence, Counter-Terrorism Policy Officer for the UK Home Office, International Policy Advisor in the Middle East, back in the UK Ministry of Defence where managed the MOD response to the Arab Spring (he also shares on this podcast some other things he did in Afghanistan and Iraq....) before coming back into civilian life where he followed his starting career back in technology, this time in the world of AI & Natural Language Processing. Antony shares his fascinating story thus far and how he is bringing that experience to the fore as CEO of Factmata, helping brands get a better understanding of what is the "why" behind the narrative online and where it is coming from and going to. And what to do. As we are surrounded 24/7 by disinformation, fake news, extreme propaganda, organisations such as Factmata, led by Antony are taking a stand. Learn more about how Factmata can help you and your business here Connect with Antony here Can you support Factmata with its crowdfunding? Click here  Don't forget to follow and subscribe!


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