Remotely Managing All The Things

38m · September 15, 2021

Remotely Managing All The Things

Ev Kontsevoy (SHOW: 549CLOUD NEWS OF THE WEEK - SHOW SPONSORS:: Modern Monitoring and AnalyticsGet started monitoring performance analytics from any database with a . Listeners of The Cloudcast will also receive a free Datadog T-shirt.SHOW NOTES: (Aug 2021)Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to create Teleport.Topic 2 - Today we’re going to dive into Teleport, but we’d like to learn a little bit about the evolution of the company, as it didn’t begin as Teleport. Topic 3 - For better or for worse, we now work in a very distributed world. Between workers being everywhere, and applications being both on-premises and in the public cloud, what sort of remote management challenges does this create?Topic 4 - From a technology perspective, how does Teleport work?Topic 5 - Teleport is made up of access to Servers, Kubernetes, Applications and Databases. How much does remote access change based on the target, or the team/person accessing it?Topic 6 - What are some of the ways that Teleport makes things easier to manage remotely?FEEDBACK?Email: show at the cloudcast dot netTwitter:


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