The Cultural North

The About Page

In every organization there is a team of people guided by a vision, whether bright or dim, that led them to make it what it is. And it's the organizations that root every decision in an inspiring mission that rise above the rest. They are the companies and nonprofits that see the big picture, who strive to make a difference, and take hopeful steps in the vision they have for the world.The About Page tells these stories—where an organization with a clear vision and deeply-rooted values approach a specific issue and go to work improving every part of it they can.In each episode you will hear from a group of web developers consisting of Aaron Johnson, Kaley Herman, and Beau Walsh. We talk with a leader of a business or non-profit to explore how what we are about shapes what we do. The About Page brings to life an idea that you will hear a lot from us, that “about designs action”. This podcast is a reflection of that vision, with narrative storytelling immersed with the inspiration we experienced as we talked about each topic.