Virtual Reality: AR you seeing this?

38m · July 13, 2021

Virtual Reality: AR you seeing this?

Who needs reality? VR has placed fantasy kingdoms, alien planets, and more just a headset away, and AR is allowing us to augment the physical world through our smartphones, giving us the power to make better decisions and even catch a Pokémon or two. But are VR and AR just a passing craze? Or are these other realities set to become inseparably intertwined with the way organisations interact with customers and clients?

  • VR, AR, MR and XR with full alphabet soup this space is going to be very interesting indeed. @Sam @Klaas are we going to see a VR version of Reason 😊

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    AUDIO IN VR! It's weird to see that mass adoption for VR is still behind :(

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    @Klaas it’s still too clunky. Needs to come down in size and price.

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    @KishoreBhargava yes. The latest is a lot of fun and you can definitely see the potential of it but it’s got a bit more to go yet

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