Tax Smart Tax Zero

Karen Scott Mims, ESQ..

Tax Smart Tax Zero

Most people simply ignore taxation through the 4 phases of wealth. Instead of understanding the three tax buckets, they arrive at retirement with huge 401(k)’s in the tax-deferred bucket, and ignore the taxable and most importantly, tax-free bucket. How can the middle- class millionaire, average Joe and Jane, be so unprepared about how to protect their wealth using tax loopholes like the wealthy 1 percenters do? Easy. Welcome to the Tax-Smart Tax Zero podcast. This is a show all about TAX-FREE wealth. Financial advisors sell rate of return, annuity salesman sells what else annuities and part-time tax preparers sell 1040 to submit on April 15th. But the real goal is to implement STRATEGIC tax planning! We invite you to take the journey and explore the Path To the 0% Tax Bracket. It's time to Divorce Uncle Sam From Your Wealth! Welcome to the world of your host, noted Tax Attorney and Private Wealth Strategist, Karen Scott Mims, Esquire.


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