Tales to Terrify 503 Patrick Barb

Tales to Terrify 503 Patrick Barb

Welcome to Episode 503. This week we meet a group of boys who skip school to get high in the junkyard. They quickly discover, though, that they may be destined for greater, darker things.COMING UPGood Evening: Thanks and Patreon Update: 00:01:06Patrick Barb’s The Other Half of the Battle as read by Anthony Babington: 00:05:14PERTINENT LINKSSupport us on Patreon! Spread the darkness.Shop Tales to Terrify MerchPatrick BarbPatrick Barb on Twitter (@pbarb)Anthony Babington on Twitter (@AlephBaker)Original Score by Nebulus EntertainmentNebulus on FacebookNebulus on InstagramSupport this show See


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