Best Of: Sacha Baron Cohen Has a Message for Mark Zuckerberg

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Best Of: Sacha Baron Cohen Has a Message for Mark Zuckerberg

If there’s one thing the country seems united on, it’s that something needs to change at Facebook. The company has drawn critics across industries and political persuasions, from Silicon Valley to Congress. 

But one unexpected critic who’s been sounding the alarm long before the Facebook Papers comes, instead, from Hollywood: Sacha Baron Cohen. As revelations from the company's internal documents continue to roll out, Kara revisits her conversation with the actor, which originally aired in February. She and Cohen discuss his film, “The Trial of The Chicago 7” and what he calls the “Silicon Six,” a group of the most powerful people in tech who, he's said, are "all billionaires, all Americans, who care more about boosting their share price than about protecting democracy." And they trade notes on the competition between rival clown schools in France.

Kara will be back on Thursday with a new episode.

You can find more information for all episodes at , and you can find Kara on Twitter @karaswisher .


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