Battlefield 2042 Delay & Delay Culture

Battlefield 2042 Delay & Delay Culture

In this episode we talk about The recent Battlefield 2042 delay and other game delays! Also get an insight of Blizz Reviewing scale! Be sure to check out our friends at Earth + Fire Indy!This mother daughter team makes incredible handmade art and jewelry using healing crystals that resonate with your natural spirit.Earth + Fire Shop:  Listen and share what you think in the comments! Don't forget to like and subscribe!Subscribe to our Channel: us out on Itunes and Spotify: out our Idols NeebsGaming help them spread world peace  We are partnered with MAW Energy!Maw Energy is a gamer made energy supplement that has a variety of delicious flavors. Use our referral link and check them out :D  We do NOT own the song in this video ALL Credit goes to the original creator of the song! Remix Maniacs


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