Summing The Week: Good News for Kids


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Summing The Week: Good News for Kids

It's very important in today's world to be aware of what's happening around us to develop an all-round personality. Being aware, not only help us to make informed decisions but also provide us great tools to engage in meaningful conversations with our friends and connects. And this habit is best inculcated from a young age when children are still forming their habits. Kids even benefit from this academically - be it in exams or to participate in debates and other spoken contests.  But what do you do when most of the mainstream media is filled with all the negative news? Well, Summing the Week - a Chimes Radio presentation - is here to bring a nice summary of all the major events that happened across the world to your doorstep (or to your ears in our case). In this special weekend podcast series, we talk about the inspirational and good news that will brighten up your day and charge you with positivity. The series cover key topics from the world of politics, sports, science, global events, individual accomplishments, and much more.  These short under-5 minute podcasts will bring you up to speed with all the good news from the world - the news that matter and the news that kids should be aware of.  All episodes of this podcast can be enjoyed on the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps – available on 

  • 24th - 30th July

    July 31, 2021

    24th - 30th July

  • 17th - 23rd July

    July 24, 2021

    17th - 23rd July

  • 10th to 16th July

    July 17, 2021

    10th to 16th July

  • 26th June - 2nd July

    July 5, 2021

    26th June - 2nd July

  • 19th June to 25th June

    June 25, 2021

    19th June to 25th June

  • 12th June to 18th June

    June 18, 2021

    12th June to 18th June

  • 6th June to 11th June

    June 11, 2021

    6th June to 11th June

  • 30th May to 5th June

    June 5, 2021

    30th May to 5th June

  • 23rd to 29th May

    May 29, 2021

    23rd to 29th May

  • 16th to 22nd May

    May 22, 2021

    16th to 22nd May

  • 25th April - 1st May

    May 1, 2021

    25th April - 1st May

  • 18th - 24th April

    April 24, 2021

    18th - 24th April

  • 11th-17th April

    April 17, 2021

    11th-17th April

  • 4th - 10th April

    April 10, 2021

    4th - 10th April

  • 28th March-3rd April

    April 3, 2021

    28th March-3rd April

  • 21st to 27th March

    March 27, 2021

    21st to 27th March

  • 14th to 20th March

    March 20, 2021

    14th to 20th March

  • 7th -13th March

    March 13, 2021

    7th -13th March

  • 28th February-6th March

    March 6, 2021

    28th February-6th March

  • 21st to 27th February

    February 27, 2021

    21st to 27th February

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