Tania De Ridder

Starting Advantage with Tania De Ridder

You’ve got an idea in your heart to build a business that positively impacts the world and brings freedom for you. But you’re a new founder, and you feel like you don’t know what you don’t know. You've been through a few internet research rabbit holes and found yourself drowning in contradicting advice that you don’t know how to make your own. And most advice doesn’t take into account your whole self and well-being.

At Starting Advantage we believe in a human-centered approach in which mindset and self-care matter just as much as your business savvy. Join Tania De Ridder for encouraging conversations in which you’ll be supported in exploring how MEaningful business starts with ME. We explore topics around business foundations, strategies, mindset, productivity, habits, self-care, early-stage founder case studies and invite regular reflection on how to make it all work for you.

What’s your path to becoming a more impactful and mindful founder? Visit https://www.startingadvantage.com to explore small steps you can take to start the journey of defining success on your own terms.

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