So You Want to Start a Business

Ingrid Thompson simplifies how we build a business.

So You Want to Start a Business

Business has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it. In this podcast, we hear stories from business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who think big and who take action to create their own business success. As we delve into their lessons learned we offer easy business life-hacks and debunk common business myths giving you tangible and tactical tools, tips and tricks to revolutionise how you build your own business. I’m your host Ingrid Thompson – renowned business educator & mentor with more than 30 years’ experience and author of the book So You want to Start a Business. This podcast aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we build a business. This is a lively and thought provoking podcast. When we pursue business and entrepreneurship based on core values and deepest integrity, and at the same time build a financially successful business – we live richer, fuller lives. Find out more about Ingrid Thompson Follow me on and Find Ingrid’s internationally published book So You Want to Start a Business Conversations on this long running podcast include EOF podcast host John Lee Dumas, Founder of Happy Skin Co Dylan Mullan, Founder of Tribe Kayla Houlihan, Nicole Baldinu co-Founder of $100 MBA, Pilates Goddess Jenna Zaffino, Entrepreneur Kelly Roach, Australian artist and entrepreneur Valerie Khoo and so many more I hope you enjoy listening Just so you know, I read chapters of the book in episodes of the podcast, check out the book reading episodes between episodes 70 and 90


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