So Meta

Vincent Orleck

So Meta

Welcome to So Meta: a podcast all about the metaverse (lowercase "m"). Your host, Vincent Orleck, is like a lot of you in wondering about this whole metaverse thing and thinking “could THIS be the next iteration of the internet?”....but also thinking “this CAN’T be the next iteration of the internet, can it?” The goal of the show is simple: to learn more about the metaverse, from all angles, from those who have expertise in the various domains that the metaverse touches...which is seemingly just about EVERY domain. WHAT THIS WILL NOT BE is a hype train for Facebook/Meta, or crypto, or NFTs, or virtual, augmented, mixed, or any other reality. This show will be an objective exploration of the general topic of the metaverse...looking to answer questions like: what is the history to this point? (because it goes back well before Mark Zuckerberg’s recent rebranding announcement) What is it?….and what isn't it? Who are the key players? Why does it matter? (and why it may not)...and a lot more. If this all sounds interesting then subscribe or follow, I promise the show will get even better as our conversations start happening with people much smarter than me about this metaverse thing. Follow the show on Twitter @sometapodcast. Thanks for your interest and for listening!


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