Gianni Quintana

Smart Chickens A B2B SaaS Demand Gen Drives Innovation & Growth Podcast

Smart Chickens is intentionally a quirky, yet intelligently poised dialogue B2B SaaS and Demand Gen podcast. In this podcast, you will hear from professionals in SaaS and B2B share best practices they deploy at their organizations as well as a bit about their career journey stories. They also will share their point of view around creativity, innovation, and strategies they've used to become better at marketing, sales, and leadership roles to help drive revenue and market share. We highlight both the wins and losses, what strategies worked, and how their “different way of thinking” made them, their teams, and overall their companies better. Our non-scripted conversations will cover most of the following topics and stories. 1. How has their origin story shaped them and their journey in business and life 2. How they create and execute demand gen best practices to drive revenue 3. What they are experiencing now within their industry and growth strategies 4. How they are pivoting to address the ever-evolving changes in B2B SaaS 5. What book recommendations and advice do they have for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals 6. What advice they would give a younger self with 2020 hindsight