Side Boobs & Side Hustles

Brittany Farris

Side Boobs & Side Hustles

Your newest addiction is HERE!! A podcast hosted by Brittany Farris. Sit back and have a laugh while I talk about personal life struggles, chat with fellow hustlers, find out what they do, how they got there, and how they are making a difference. I know I know, you’re wondering “What does Side Boob have to do with anything”. Well.. I think showing a little Side Boob is a way to be vulnerable and expose yourself a little, in a classy way. I want people to open up and talk about the struggles. Talk about doing the shit while going through the shit, because we all are going through shit. It’s all raw and real talk, trying to inspire people in multiple aspects of their lives, and being relatable to all the listeners. Hold onto your Side Boobs people, its about to get real!!


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