Shower Epiphanies

Art Costello

Shower Epiphanies

This show takes an in-depth look at the Epiphanes that we have every day and their meaning. Tell Art your Epiphanes and he'll take an in-depth look at them. Guests will share their Epiphanes and how they used them in their lives.No matter how intelligent, educated, or smart you are, life certainly has a fair share of lessons in store for you. The secret of success lies in learning from everyday experiences. But isn’t it time-consuming and mentally draining?
Well yeah, it kind of is!
So do you want to know a faster way around? It’s learning from the experiences of others – and this is exactly what our show ‘Shower Epiphanies’ is all about!
It offers a platform turned community for you to share your stories about cherishing pleasant moments, overcoming challenges, and dealing with negative circumstances. Do you ever feel you’re just playing out a script that has already been written? Well, our show gets you! No matter what happens in life, in the end, it always works out just the way it was meant to be. Every big and small event in life is meant to teach us a lesson to help us grow as individuals. So, let’s all learn from each other’s experiences and try to get the reins of our lives in our hands. Only when you know how to manage expectations can you lead a happy, content, and fulfilling life!


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