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Episode 114 "All For The Glory III KISS Album Madness Tournament"


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1h 27m · March 13, 2021

Episode 114 "All For The Glory III KISS Album Madness Tournament"

This week Tom & Zeus preview their online KISS Album Madness Tournament. This is the 3rd Annual SIOL KISS March Madness Tournament. This year's tournament is made up of 64 KISS albums, including all the studio albums & the '78 solo albums, KISS live albums, KISS compilations and KISS members' albums outside of KISS. This tournament will crown the best KISS album according to you ....... the fans. The guys break down the brackets and discuss the head to head matchups of the Klassic KISS albums. Listen and find out how fill out your bracket and E-mail it to [email protected] and enter a chance to win a prize from our awesome annual sponsor, Make sure to share the brackets and use the hashtag #KISSAlbumMadness online and follow our twitter (see the link below) for the online polls that will determine the winner for each matchup and for more details. Interested in more Shout It Out Loudcast content? Care to help us out? Come join us on Patreon by clicking below: SIOL Patreon   Please go to Klick Tee Shop for all your Shout It Out Loudcast Merchandise by clicking below: SIOL Merchandise at Klick Tee Shop   Please Email us comments or suggestions by clicking below: [email protected]   Please subscribe to us and give us a 5 Star (Child) review on the following places below: iTunes Podchaser Stitcher iHeart Radio Spotify   Please follow us and like our social media pages clicking below: Twitter Facebook Page Facebook Group Page Shout It Out Loudcasters Instagram YouTube   Proud Member of the Pantheon Podcast click below to see the website: Pantheon Podcast Network


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