She Leads Now

Sabine Gedeon

She Leads Now

As natural leaders, we have a responsibility to continually develop our skills and gifts so we can serve as courageous and influential leaders. She Leads Now was created to help women grow and thrive as courageous leaders in all aspects of life. This podcast is for you, if you know that there's more to you, your life and your career. You're tired of holding yourself back and want to break free from the chains of fear self-doubt and overthinking. And of course, you're ready to step into the leader, you really are and create the impact you were destined to make. Tune in weekly for tips, tools, and strategies to develop a success mindset, create your own winning strategies, build collaborative relationships and take bold actions towards creating the impact and fulfillment that you want in your life and career. Join me, your host coach, author, and founder of She Leads Now Sabine Gedeon, as I help career and entrepreneurial women own their identity as courageous leaders, through sharing insights, expert interviews, and live coaching.


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