How To Handle The Gender Biased World | Ft. Iti Rawat On Setback Leadership With Srijata | Ep 12

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How To Handle The Gender Biased World | Ft. Iti Rawat On Setback Leadership With Srijata | Ep 12

A personification of 'Looks are deceptive' Iti Rawat comes across as a soft, caring, and calm individual. However, when I spoke to her for this interview I was able to unravel a different Iti. A gritty, fierce, determined leader who not only is successfully running her for-profit training company, Thinkhall Academy but also running multiple non-for-profit and social enterprises that help other women entrepreneurs in their journey. 

How does she handle the gender-biased world and what can you do to manoeuvre through your setbacks in what was the essence of our conversation. Want to find out more, give this episode a listen. 


Iti is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, e-learning evangelist and a firm advocate of enabling women to gain financial independence. She is the founder of two trail-blazing organizations Thinkhall Training and Consultancy through which she strives to digitally skill India right opportunity to them, and  WEFT Women Entrepreneurs Foundation, a not for profit body that supports women entrepreneurship in India. 

Thinkhall was pre-incubated with NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore and is currently accelerated by the Atal Incubation Center at the Indian School of Business. Following the success of her first startup, Iti’s desire to give back to the community and her inner desire to see more women like herself reach success came to light with WEFT - Women Entrepreneurs For Transformation, as a way to help women build their business and regain their financial independence.  During the pandemic, she also started Red Dot Initiative which has helped 150+ domestic violence victims to become financially independent. 

Her drive to empower women to succeed on their own terms has also taken her to the international stage, as a speaker at the International Future of Women Conference 2020, 5th South Asian Countries Summit and 5th World Congress on Women. She was awarded as Social Leader of the year 2019, by Indian Business Women Summit and top5 champion of diversity 2020, a leader with a purpose with leadership summit and celebrated as a women leader which inspires by many companies like Levis, Mayka Jwellery, Rakuten India, Inclusify, Nirantar Trust, Herdle health and more. 

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About Setback Leadership Podcast: 

The Setback Leadership Podcast, by Srijata Bhatnagar, explores WHY leaders embrace setbacks and HOW they leverage them for exponential successes. And, how you can too! 

You just went through a setback at work! SO WHAT? 
You fumbled to perform a project confidently! SO WHAT? 
You feel you have hit rock bottom! SO WHAT? 

If you are a leader or want to be one, know that setbacks are awesome! 

Yes, you read that right. Through her heart-to-heart conversations with leaders from across the world, the host, Srijata Bhatnagar, explores what drives her guests to see challenges differently and how they leverage them for their growth and success. 

As you listen to their experiences, you will learn their strategies and leap forward towards your growth. You will be encouraged to take just one tiny action in every episode that can help you succeed in spite of your setbacks. Afterall, inspired action is better than only inspiration, isn’t it?

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