Srijata Bhatnagar

Setback Leadership

This show explores WHY leaders embrace setbacks and HOW they leverage them for exponential successes. And, how you can too! You just went through a setback at work! SO WHAT? You fumbled to perform a project confidently! SO WHAT? You feel you have hit rock bottom! SO WHAT? If you are a leader or want to be one, know that setbacks are awesome! Yes, you read that right. Through her heart-to-heart conversations with leaders from across the world, the host, Srijata Bhatnagar, explores what drives her guests to see challenges differently and how they leverage them for their growth and success. As you listen to their experiences, you will learn their strategies and leap forward towards your growth. You will be encouraged to take just one tiny action in every episode that can help you succeed in spite of your setbacks. Afterall, inspired action is better than only inspiration, isn’t it?