SeedSoilWater.Today | Deeper Roots & Brighter Blooms


SeedSoilWater.Today | Deeper Roots & Brighter Blooms

Conversations with our Creator are the most important ones we could have. This is a collection of prayers and ponderings, seeking revelation for deeper roots and brighter blooms through the Word that lives in us through the Spirit of the Creator of this Universe, YHVH. We pursue His fire to purify our impurities and light up the darkness. We learn who we are when we spend time with Him. AbbaYahweh, we are Your creation, we opt You in through Yeshua's work on the cross translated by the Holy Spirit of promise to lead our lives. Show us who we are in You and let Your Kingdom come here and now. #Activate #OrderUp #SheShallRise #SeedSoilWater


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